There is this interest in people and drawing as long as I can remember. And a profound need to visualise my views on life. A blank sheet of paper or a white canvas gives me the opportunity to do so. The art of seeing and visualising what is difficult to see is the most important to me. I found a way to express myself with colour and paint and in a certain manner I am painting my diary. I choose to carve my own path, a path which is free of expectations of others and which is free to be defined by it’s own set of reasons. To come up with something that really speaks to my deepest interests is difficult and always starts with my need to discover my self-respect. Here I can find my own reason for what I do and revealing it gives my life fulfilment. 

Chapter 1


Whereas photography is a way of becoming aware of our reality, painting is a reinterpretation derived from the raw truth. 

Chapter 2

Scientific illustration

Scientific illustration is part of my professional life. I graduated as a scientific illustrator in 2003 and I am part of the team of teachers since then. 'Making clear what the mind finds difficult to catch' is one of the main purposes of a scientific illustration. It is also an important aspect of my work as an artist.

Wervel 1
Wervel 2
Wervel 3
Wervel 4

By ‘visualizing the invisible’ artists are like scientists: both seek a visual interpretation for worlds both visible and invisible. Both attempt to ‘read’ nature in a very similar way.

Chapter 3


It is easy to love people for what we think is good but that is not enough for me. To embrace the opposite and the disappointments in life contributes more to this love. You can not always control what happens in life but you can choose how you view it. We can be consumed by hatred and darkness or we can regain our humanity.

My life is dedicated to the belief that change comes about by having new views.

Chapter 4


There are always people who are touched by my works. They originate from my own desire without any other intention. Yet they seem to move people and this affirms their significance. Small signs of kindness can have a lasting impact on a work. This gives them a certain worthiness that’s worth the hard work.

On my way I am always insecure, but dignity and insecurity seem to be connected. You can not find your dignity without telling the truth about yourself. And you have to find the nerve to go through the insecurity and find your core, the place where love and art grows.

Ilse Wielage

With Love,