March 2021 Every person has inspiration. I believe the most powerful story you can tell is your own inspired story. The story in which your soul, your passion, is expressed, the energy that brings beauty into our lives and makes life worth living.

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2 works are exhibited at Museum Het Nieuwe Domeein in Sittard. The show is till 14 January 2024  LINK



Connecting with your inspiration



Every person has inspiration. This passion is there and it wants to be lived. Just as you are touched by the life energy of others and learn from it, you have the potential to inspire others and make a connection that makes an impression. I believe the most powerful story you can tell is your own inspired story.

I portray those stories. Portraits that not only show the resemblance of the outside, but also connect with the inside. The side of you that touches the soul and connects to the heart, expressing who you really are.


When we grow up, we all experience profound moments that we carry with us in our daily reality. Events that can shape the way we experience ourselves and the world around us. These experiences can slow us down or take us further; when they get in our way, it is our responsibility to break it.

Do you feel something holding you back? Are you unable to show yourself completely? Do you experience resistance? Would you like to blossom? Would you like to experience a change that breaks through your resistance?

Imagine transforming into the best version of yourself, the most powerful and the most confident. What kind of person would you be? How would you look? How would you treat others? How would you think? What would your perception of the world be?





Let’s make this journey together. As a trained coach, I will encourage you to go past the gatekeepers who are holding you back. You will further develop your potential and shape your future in the way you already imagine.

The purpose of our time together is to provide you with handles. I encourage you to stop hiding and step into your authentic version. I will guide you to show the side of yourself that has not yet entered the picture.

To achieve this we organize several sessions; we go for a walk, we have a meal together and we talk heart to heart.

We organize photography sessions in which you show who you want to be. Together we will visualize the part of you that wants to be shown. A portrait of you the way you want to be.

I will support and encourage you to make this happen.


Consider me your sparring partner, your confidant and artist (portrait painter and photographer), all in one. It is my passion to bring out your inner beauty.

When you connect your body with your head, your heart and your soul, you will find the balance that makes you complete. This will be visible in the appearance to your environment, your inspiration comes into the picture. An enrichment that transforms your life.

And into the studio we go, to encounter your fear and find your true soul.


Ilse lives and works in the south of the Netherlands, in the province of Limburg. She spends most of her time in her studio at home to work on assignments and/or free work there. In addition, she is involved in educational activities at the Master Scientific Illustration at the Art Academy in Maastricht. She is also trained as a coach/practitioner and is happy to help you with professional guidance in answering life questions.

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Ilse strives to move you by creating awareness on your individual position in life and the choices you have. She stimulates you to look at yourself and to start asking: Who am I? What is my role in life? Where am I going? Promoting creativity plays a role in bringing about the connection with intuition, the essence of existence.

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Art is not a source of information, but of discoveries and experiences. By being open to imagination it is possible to get to know a misunderstood part of your life and to make adjustments where necessary. Ilse plays a role in this by creating work that meets the needs of the client. The personal experience will connect with deeper desirer.

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Ilse’s personal interest goes to the undercurrent in this life, the dieper emotions and motives. Ilse guides in the search to make a connection to your true essence. In personal guidance – both on location and in her studio – Ilse helps to ‘look behind the scenes’ to use your personal motives in realizing your ideals. both in a portrait assignment and in coaching.

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