Ilse Wielage Oil Painted


October 2018

Every now and then I write something. A personal message, something that I experience or a thought that keeps me busy. I also share photos, memories or funny videos that Rosaline makes.

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The painting I have been working on in the past few months is ready and is delivered to the new owners.

While the world became silent during the corona pandemic, I worked on a portrait assignment. We delivered the work on Saturday and I still enjoy the enthusiasm of the children and the parents.

Earth Child is a story that wanted to be painted. A story about reflection and transformation.


Ilse lives and works in the south of the Netherlands, in the province of Limburg. She spends most of her time in her studio at home to work on assignments and/or free work there. In addition, she is involved in educational activities at the Master Scientific Illustration at the Art Academy in Maastricht.

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Ilse strives to move you by creating awareness on your individual position in life and the choices you have. She stimulates you to look at yourself and to start asking: Who am I? What is my role in life? Where am I going? Promoting creativity plays a role in bringing about the connection with intuition, the essence of existence.

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Art is not a source of information, but of discoveries and experiences. By being open to art it is possible to get to know a misunderstood part of life and to make adjustments where necessary. Ilse plays a role in this, on the one hand by creating work in which emotions are hidden. On the other hand, by talking about this, by exploring the personal experience.

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Ilse’s personal interest goes to the undercurrent in this life, the deeper emotions and motives.

By visualizing opposites and unifying them, Ilse makes you aware of the choices we have in life. Her paintings, Individuale sessions and other activities that she organizes are in line with this.

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