PAINTING | Portraitpainting

March 2021

Every human being has a soul. I believe the most powerful story you can tell is your own animated story. The story in which your inspiration, your passion, is expressed, the energy that brings beauty to our lives and makes life worth living.

These are exactly the stories I like to portray. Portraits that not only show the likeness of the outside, but also make a connection to that inside. The side of you that touches the soul and connects with the heart, expressing who you really are.

For a portrait assignment, we go on a journey together, so to speak. And during that journey, as a trained coach, I am present to encourage you to further unlock your potential and embark on the valuable journey to your own inner self.

To achieve this, we organise various meetings; we go for a walk, we eat together and we have heart-to-heart talks. We also have photography sessions that form the basis for the painting.

In consultation, I make a sketch with all the information gathered. The resulting canvas is the seal of that journey. In any case, it is a canvas that touches you, that really looks you in the eyes.

“My gift to you is another way of seeing.” Dit is wat ik doe in mijn werk; jou dat extra paar ogen geven waarmee je je leven anders gaat zien.