By meeting the other person and looking behind the scenes.

Her interest goes to the undercurrent in this life, the deeper emotions and motivations. From there she tries to find a way to bring them up.

  • She searches for the other person’s authenticity

“Under the surface and the roles people play there is much more and it is interesting to explore this area. When I meet someone who differs from me, I am fascinated and want to find out what I can learn. “

  • She will look for the opposite of what she encounters

Ilse visualizes opposites. She will always be inclined to bring up the other side.

As soon as people form groups and adopt the same perspective, she will try to work around this or try to introduce some diversity.

  • Ilse puts the finger on sensitive sides of another person

She does this by putting things in a different perspective, making it less painful.

“We sometimes have stubborn expectations. I am not inclined to comply with this, but strive to create something that offers space, gives air, and opens up the world without judging. “

  • Ilse is able to emphasize the positive without obscuring the negative aspects

The artworks can visualize negative aspects of life and at the same time visualize its beauty. By seeing art as an opportunity to give meaning, people can be moved. The artistic path is different from the scientific way. Through esthetics, a truth can emerge that can touch us deeply and that makes us reflect; a feeling that overcomes you.