A painting can touch you deep in your soul and evoke emotions.

Often it is a pure sense of beauty, emotion, or an association that makes a painting draw your attention. Sometimes something else happens. The painting doesn’t just draw your attention. Something is happening to you inside, the painting makes a connection to you. A natural connection that, for your own reasons, you will not let go. At that moment a painting comes to life for you and you want to have it around you. Because it inspires you. The painting evokes a memory. Maybe it holds up a mirror to you or takes you to a beautiful or a difficult moment in your life. The painting resonates and then you know inside that from that moment on the painting will travel and live with you.

My strength is to initiate a process together with you, in which an assignment to make a painting for you is more than just an assignment and its execution. I want to go through a personal process with you in a natural way. In addition, I want to guide you to a creation that will have added value in your journey and life. A painting to which you can connect your soul. A painting that can move with you. Your revealing power in the process will enhance my strength as an artist. In this way a piece of art will be created, a painting that will be unique.

We undertake the process of making a painting together. You often have an image in mind, you are looking for a portrait of yourself or a loved one. You have a memory or an idea that makes you decide to want this. Whatever question you bring to me, we will make the journey together to create a canvas that best meets your wishes.

In a series of meetings we make a journey in which I serve as a mirror. After all, your innermost being can only be seen through someone else. My intention is to make you feel safe in this process. That is why trust is important. During a few conversations, walks, museum visits, etc., we will develop a connection during which the idea for the painting will present itself. I will then take photographs and make sketches. When the proposal is ready to be worked out, the moment arrives when I will start painting. Your impressions will be my guide.

“We live in a time when we hardly ever let our emotions get involved in art. We give the viewer with information about technical skills, the artist, historical setting and financial value, but we often do not consider taste, aesthetics and emotional communication. Real art does not judge but opens the world to you and the quality of the questions that arise is important. As Shakespeare says in Hamlet, “Nothing is either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”