Individual coaching, counceling

Life can require adjustments. You may run into difficulties at work or in your private life for which you are looking for guidance. Someone who helps you gain insight into what is in your way and helps you formulate and realize new goals. In recent years, Ilse has followed courses to guide others in this. She is now a certified Coach practitioner and still studying Deep coaching / counseling at the Alba Academy, an accredited education in the Netherlands.

Through coaching Ilse helps and guides in a short and accelerated development process.

Her strength is to initiate a process together with a client, in which personal development is central. With the help of various methods and techniques (including ACT), insight is gained into personal functioning and adjustments can be made towards desires and ideals.

In a series of conversations, a journey is made in which Ilse serves as a mirror. After all, your innermost being can only be seen through someone else. We work constructively and goal oriented on formulating and realizing goals.

“We live in a time when we adapt to many changes, which often requires more of us than we can afford ourselves. A good conversation, a listening ear and an extra pair of eyes to watch, can then be valuable to tap into new strength and to answer the life- or development questions that are playing in your life. The quality of the questions that arise is important. As Shakespeare says in Hamlet, “Nothing is either good or bad, but thinking makes it so“.