Scientific Illustration

Ilse graduated from the Master Scientific Illustration, where she has been involved in education since her graduation. The training provided her opportunity to build anatomical knowledge of human and animal and to deepen her technical skills. Although she no longer practices the profession, she is strongly involved in the education of this Master. An impression of older illustrations can be seen below.

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While photography is a way to become aware of our reality, painting is a reinterpretation of this, an interpretation of the raw reality. Photography is a tool for her.

Throughout the years she made a lot of Photographs that served as inspiration for her paintings

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Ilse has written poems over the years.

These are often made in the studio while she was painting. They sometimes express the same as her paintings and are made in some cases for a specific painting. For example, the series of portraits of physically and mentally disabled artists have poems that belong to the boards.

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