About me

About me

I love people and I love art. This interest has led me to professionally develop myself into being both an Artist and a Coach. I'm a painter, writer, poet, photographer, as well as a mentor and coach who empowers others to live with purpose and turn imagination into reality.

Coaching, like being an artist, is a craft that requires skills. With a background within both the cultural world and professional coaching , I combine the two worlds.


After completing a Master in Scientific Illustration, I worked as an independent artist and as a team member of this small-scale and international program. In order to keep up with the developments in education, where the emphasis is increasingly on the personal contribution of the student in addition to the transfer of skills, I started further training. This has not only resulted in working as a Student Success Coach, but also in being trained as a Senior Coach, Counsellor and Trauma Coach. In doing so, I use Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Systemic Work and Deep Democracy. I apply the principles of mindfulness and wisdom to modern life with humor and candor. To ensure a professional and safe base I am affiliated with the NOBCO and ACBSBeNe, where the International code of conduct and the Complaints regulations can be seen. 

"I am convinced that profound transformation is possible"


Although I have loved to draw all my life, my desire to paint only surfaced later in life. It offered me the opportunity to express myself emotionally, free from expectations and time constraints. I have personally experienced that making art can inspire reflection, self-insight and action. It makes creative and gives a freedom that is often under pressure when we put ourselves in the service of others.

Using creativity is a huge source of joy and self-development. And I love sharing this with you. I consider it a challenge to offer you the space for an innovative and inspiring experience in which you get moving again in the area in which you have become stuck. We don't have to be artists to live creatively. When we encounter problems, an open mindset already offers a solution, because when everything is possible, doors suddenly open again. It is about tapping into this inner source and learning to trust that solutions that you could not have thought of beforehand, will present themselves playfully.

 “Je meest authentieke en kwetsbare zelf ontwikkelen is het meest waardevolle dat je kunt doen in een wereld die snakt naar menselijkheid.


I live and work in southern Limburg. Here you can often find me in my studio designing and painting. This is also the space where there is room for you. It is a place without expectations so that new insights show themselves freely.

I like to pay attention to the whole person; to the head, heart, soul and body, as well as the context. I do this with great sensitivity and a need for connection and deepening.  

"As an artist, my role is to express how I really experience this life; what I feel, what we all actually feel deep inside. A reflection of our collective life and the pain attached to it."


"I went through it! This is not something that just passes you by. Sealing a transformation through a painting keeps your purpose in mind. Where did I come from and where am I now! It doesn't dilute. It looks you straight in the eyes. You no longer need confirmation. This is your affirmation. That you are good the way you are and the way you feel and want to be. ♥️ Asrin March 2021"


"Dear Ilse, I am speechless. You are such a special woman. The people who find their way to you go on a precious journey into their own inner selves, to find their way unhindered to their highly personal own authenticity. Love from Joke 💕 March 2021"