I make realistic and refined paintings in oils. The human being is central to my work. In commissions, the client has a big say in the creation of the painting. Alongside this, I make free work in which I further deepen and express my own emotions. Photography is a tool to make a design for a painting.

 "We don't go to art for information, but for the experience. You can trust art and discover something about yourself. Art stimulates emotional understanding of what is most important in life."

Do you want a work of art? There are existing works available and you can also decide to have a canvas made to your liking.

Portrait commission

We all have a soul. This is the part of us where inspiration and passion are expressed, the energy that brings beauty into our lives and makes life worth living.

This is exactly what I like to portray. Portraits that not only show the likeness of the outside, but also make a connection to that inside. The side of you that touches the heart and soul, expressing who you really are.

We engage in the process of a commission together. Whatever question you bring to me is the beginning of a path that will lead to the painting that best suits your desire.

During our meetings, the idea for the painting will develop. We will make photographs and I will work on a design. When the proposal is ready, the moment arrives when I start painting.

Your revealing power in the process will enhance my power as an artist. In this way, a work will be created that will be unique. 

'We live in a time where we want to address our emotions in art. We no longer satisfy ourselves with information about technique, the artist, history and financial value, but we do more and more with taste, aesthetics and emotional communication. Real art does not judge but opens the world to you. It can shift your life.'


Olieverf heeft mijn voorkeur vanwege de enorme kleurenrijkdom en levensduur. De techniek om glacerend te werken, laag op laag, resulteert in een diepte die uniek is voor dit materiaal. Mijn behoefte aan verfijning is ontwikkeld toen ik tot medisch illustrator opgeleid werd. Hier maakte ik ook kennis met conventies uit het vak, zoals de lichtinval die van linksboven komt en het gebruik van variabele lijndikte en contrasten om ruimtelijkheid te creëren. Vakken als perspectieftekenen, anatomisch verantwoord modeltekenen en het maken van aquarellen en verfijnde potloodtekeningen legden de basis van waaruit ik werk.

Because in my work I am giving the best I can give, I use the best materials I can find for this purpose.


Portrait commissions are 3500 € for a 70 x 100 cm canvas. 

The price of smaller or larger commissions is by mutual agreement and depends on the image and size.

There are also existing works for sale, please contact me for the possibilities.

Studio visit

In case of genuine interest, let's connect. You can make an appointment for a studio visit without any obligation. The possibilities for a commission or purchase can be explored on the spot.


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