The paintings on linen vary in size from 70 x 110 cm to 200 x 230. The size in combination with the refined and realistic brush stroke result in a limited number of paintings a year. There are several series.

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The paintings on board are smaller. The sizes vary between 15 x 18 cm to 30 x 42 cm.

Smaller boards are suitable for both portrait assignments and studies. In smaller format, also series have been created, such as a series of disabled people and a series of the human-animal combination.

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Ilse Wielage has done various portrait assignments over the years.

Experience has shown that her work meets the wishes of the client. Her work stands out because of the addition of an extra dimension, her personal creative touch. If you ask Ilse to make a painting for you, she will talk to her client and give the painting something that rises above the person depicted and refers to an aspect of their life.

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