When I draw you


Perhaps when I see you, I see me.

Naked legs running along life’s beach, long arms up in the sky.

Golden hair that other may not have notices

covered with muddy sand and salted foam.


Perhaps when I hear you, I hear me.

Whispering and laughing while dancing close.

Sharing words that others may not have heard,

inspiring words of love and hope.


Perhaps when I come close to you, I recognize me.

Your eyes, wet and glowing, watching.

Others may not have seen how they touch my soul,

warm and peaceful.


Perhaps when I draw you, I draw myself,

my memories touching eternity.

In the end others will notice it.

You and I are one, love is everywhere.

When I cry


When you see me crying,

don’t forget that I cannot see the stars at night.

Raging storms blind my soul

and little drops of sadness cover the world.

Where am I?


When I raise my voice,

don’t forget that I cannot get used to violence and murder.

I long for you to share my warmth

and my heart reaches out to bring but love.

Where are you?


When I scream like hell,

remember your own insignificance

and the unforgettable terror in this world.

Where are we?

Can we see the truth of our immoral behaviour

our murders, our wars, our intolerance and violence?


Can you hear me when I cry?



Do you think that the paint knows

by which hand the brush is held?

If it is the hand of a man or a woman

with blue or brown eyes

long or short hair?


Do you think that the paint knows what it depicts?

If it are colourful flowers,

while the sun is shining

and the time stands still due to so much beauty.

Or if it is frightening and big and makes us shiver.

Does it matter?


Imagine the painter who dips his brush in the paint

and applies himself to the canvas.

Imagine how he forgets our way of thinking

and shows us what life’s all about.




I have been waiting for you

to land on me,

without realizing

that we would never part.

My brush strokes the colour of your skin,

ochre and pink mingle.

With my heart I trace every line

Of our presence.


Since that first moment

we talk and touch

take and give,

swallowing every bit

of this togetherness.

Madder lake deep in the corners of your mouth

moist watching eyes beneath curling soft hair.

Heavenly blue is the colour of hope.


We mingle like paint

on the canvas of life.

The colours don’t faint

And bring nothing but us.

Shading dark, shining light

creating nothing but beauty

Of our coloured love.