Swan Song

The series of swan paintings tells the story of Leda and the swan and raises questions about our relationship with nature. Leda, the consort of the Spartan king, appears in the mythological story of 'Leda and the swan'. Zeus was in love with her but could not convince her to love him. Only after he underwent a metamorphosis into a swan did he manage to win Leda over. Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo created paintings of this love in the Renaissance. They are incorporated into the background of 3 canvases and contrast with swans as they appear in the news today. In the Netherlands, swan hunting is an issue and recently 600 young swans were stained with oil after an oil spill in Rotterdam harbour. Our vulnerability in our destructive relationship with nature is frightening. Yet we must move on, no matter how difficult. And we steer only slowly.