In the paintings the human figure is central, and recurrent themes are love and death. Also women, nature and social issues such as oil consumption or politics play a role. Her mission runs like a red thread through all her themes.


“Art enables us to look at ourselves differently so that we better manage the choices we make for the future. There are so many possibilities. By illuminating things in another way, you can expand your view in order to become more conscious in life.”


“From the very first painting it became clear to me that art has a different power compared to the language we speak.”


“Everything can change. No way of life is perfect, no truth is absolute. There is always more than one possibility. Contradictions and tensions are part of it. It is the diversity that ensures the balance. We can cherish the contradictions.”


“Art can inspire reflection, self-insight and action. Paintings stimulate thinking

because they bring you to another world. Are we as innocent as we look? By thinking about this we are challenged to deal with each other and our world differently.”