When you come into contact with Ilse it becomes immediately evident what she stands for, what she wants to convey to customers and what she considers important. Autonomy, feeling, authenticity, depth and creativity are key words that you will hear again and again from her. In Ilse’s work at least three of those five values should be addressed.


Autonomy means to her that she tries as much as possible to look at life from her own point of view, and not from the expectations of society. She wants to shape, create, love, observe, share, connect, and deepen her life.

For Ilse it is important to deal with independent spirits, people who think freely and can see through the superficiality of life.

‘Meetings take place in which you can be meaningful to each other. Certain independence is needed to achieve this. ‘


Your feeling, your emotion, is a voice that you have to listen to. This emotion can be overshadowed by your mind, but will continue to do its best to be heard. Your feeling forces you to become aware in the sense that you are urged to reflect on the role you play in life. It is your inner voice that maneuvers you through life.


Authenticity has to do with life itself. Life happens the way it does, and you are best to face and accept that. Once accepted, you can act more sincerely and give a contribution that is of value.

It is a challenge for Ilse to take a close look at clients and to search for the true core of their identity.

“For me, authenticity means the ability to disentangle that what remains if you remove all the frills.”


For Ilse depth represents the undercurrent in life.

“It is of value to be aware of the undercurrent so that your life fits within the big picture. Standing still is required, as in quietness you are able to sink deeper into the moment.”


Creativity is central to the other values ​​because it helps to come to new insights. It teaches you to renew, grow, resolve and accept that there are limits.