By visualizing opposites and unifying them, Ilse makes you aware of the choices we have in life. Her paintings, individual sessions and other activities that she organizes are in line with this.

“We do not go to art for information, but for the experience. You can trust art and discover something about yourself. I want to play a role in this. On the one hand by making work in which emotions hide; on the other hand by talking about this, by exposing the personal experience.


Exhibiting and selling paintings

Ilse likes to work on commissions and the client has a large input in the realization of the painting. In addition, she makes free work in which she deepens and expresses her own emotions. Photography is a tool for her to make a design for a painting. The realistic and refined oil paintings are exhibited or sold.


Educational activities

Since her education as a medical / scientific illustrator at the small-scale international study program Scientific Illustrationin Maastricht (the Netherlands), Ilse remained connected to the teaching program of this Masters. She supervises students in the studio and is also a Student Career Counselor and member of the Board of Examiners.


Individual sessions

Ilse can be visited for individual sessions. In this, she guides others in their creative activities, encourages them to express their personal values, to be unique and real and to set course from here. A museum visit and exhibition viewing can be part of this. If you are emotionally touched by a work of art, the possibility exists to dive deeper into this.

‘We live in a time when we hardly ever let our emotions get involved in art. We give the viewer information about technical skills, the artist, historical setting and financial value, but we often do not consider taste, esthetics and emotional communication. Real art does not judge but opens the world for you and the quality of the questions that arise is important. As Shakespeare says in Hamlet ‘Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so’.