Ilse comes from a family in which art and culture play a major role. She also likes drawing from an early age, which made it obvious that she chose to study at the art academy. After the Teacher training in Textile Art at the Maastricht Art Academy, she followed the Master Scientific Illustration at a later age. This is a collaboration between the Art Academy and the Medical Faculty of the University Maastricht. This training offers the ideal combination between art and science for her and she has been employed in the education of this Master since then. Over the years, Ilse has followed many courses to further develop het skills; think of watercolour, philosophy, portrait drawing, anatomical classes, model drawing, painting icons and calligraphy. Her desire to start painting only came up later in life; it offered her the opportunity to express herself emotionally, free of expectations and time pressure. Ilse personally experienced that art can inspire reflection, self-insight and action. Paintings can make you think because they take you to another world. In her work she is looking for a way between the contradictions of life and acceptance and love are her greatest motivations.

Photo Alf Mertens, 2018